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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
Other QAPI tools don't compare to abaqis

After seeing the QAPI component of abaqis, I now realize that other options in the market do not come anywhere close to the abaqis answer for QAPI management. This tool goes beyond compliance by opening up new possibilities for nursing homes to develop comprehensive, proactive performance programs that help us aspire to ever-improving quality.

Just started

We have just started with y'all, but I think it is going to be a big help with our QA and surveys.

QAPI made easy

Abaqis and the QAPI program has allowed us to streamline our processes and oversee multiple PIPs at one time. Using this program we were able to obtain QAPI certification; which really motivated the staff. Our QA department LOVES Abaqis & the QAPI program you have incorporated. It's QAPI made easy. Thank you!

Helped me look at nursing from a different view. I love it.

QAPI and Abaqis

The QAPI program you've presented is excellent and works right in with our use of Abaqis.

Because the abaqis parallels the state survey process it prepares your for the areas of concern. You can be proactive and address concerns as you identify them and avoid F-tags.
Often you can get different answers in the same areas, for example the MDS interviews can produce different answers than the abaqis questions. One of the areas we as a facility have identified is pain. Our quality indicators flag high for self reported pain both in new admissions and long term. We have pain assessments done through our monthly summaries done by our nurses, the MDS pain and the abaqis pain interview.

Thank you,

Margaret Maynard DON

Best training for QAPI

I have attended inservices about abaqis and attended online webinars, this by far the best training and assistance you can use for training related to QAPI.

User friendly and easy

I think that the program is very user friendly. It is easy to understand and to log into. It also provides needed data for the survey process.

Five Star

Abaqis is a wonderful tool. I would rate it a five star.

Our facility currently utilizes the ABAQIS program. We are successfully completing 3 to 4 cycles per year. We have gradually incorporated employee participation from all departments, and as our staff becomes experienced, we recruit new staff for training. The process allows our facility to identify key quality and customer service issues, resident and family preferences, and systems and policy concerns that allow us to intervene and begin corrections and plans to improve immediately. The addition of QAPI processes into ABAQIS has also helped our facility to jump on board with the new regulations for performance improvement and we have formulated PIP committees and plan to keep that area flexible, dependent on the performance improvement project currently in progress. ABAQIS has improved and revised the computer program based on suggestions and their staff is always helpful and responds readily when emailed or called. Our QA program at our facility has found the ABAQIS to be extremely helpful in reducing some of the routine facility audit processes and turned it into more resident/person centered focus. It allows and encourages facility wide participation that is more fluid and continuous throughout the year.