Bob Feurer

Chief Financial Officer
I wanted to find something a little more philanthropic. When I received the call from Andy and Peter about Providigm, it delivered a perfect match of startup financial upside potential and the ability to positively affect the lives of patients who are most vulnerable.  Read More

After cutting his teeth in Silicon Valley, which included helping take a startup hosting company into the INC 500, Bob brought his extensive experience with high-growth technology companies to Providigm.

Big impact projects are the ones Bob finds most exciting. He likes to work with people and companies to help them achieve growth and accomplish things they might not have thought possible. Drawing upon his experience in the startup world, Bob had a big picture understanding of Providigm’s success far beyond the spreadsheet. For example, when discussing the company, he regularly acknowledges the significant agility and efficiency of the work style employed by the company’s software development team.

Bob’s financial and technological expertise is critical to ensuring Providigm is able to grow and reach as many providers and facilities as possible.


Danielle Holthaus

Senior Vice President of Operations
I share Dr. Kramer’s vision for creating a company dedicated to quality of care and quality of life for long-term care residents through tools for providers. Providigm is a unique opportunity to positively impact care in a way that was much more far-reaching than patient advocacy and much more direct than health care research.   Read More

Since joining Providigm in 2007, Danielle has been integral to the company’s contract and training operations. She directs the QIS training contract for state surveyors with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as the training activities for providers who use Providigm’s survey and QA solutions. Danielle was a natural fit for this dual role, bringing with her more than a decade’s worth of experience in health care, training and policy research.

One of her priorities is to identify talented staff and give them the means they need to provide the surveyors with the ongoing support and development necessary to successfully implement QIS. Another is to give health care providers the tools and targeted training they need to do what they do best, which is deliver quality health care within a compassionate environment. In her mind, “doing this while putting people first—both long-term care residents and the people who care for them—is in my eyes what defines Providigm as a company.”

Ellen Sandler Kuebrich

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
I get to make a difference. Not just to the director of nursing who didn’t have to write that plan of correction because they were able to preemptively fix a problem, but also to the resident who got to choose what they wanted to eat or who participated in an activity they enjoyed. Through our work, I’m able to affect people’s lives in such a positive way.  Read More

Ellen is not your typical sales and marketing person. Her professional background has always centered on regulatory compliance, or as she puts it, “Helping people figure out how to wrap their arms around what they are supposed to do.” She realizes that no care provider goes into their line of work because they enjoy regulations and surveys. They do what they do because they love helping people. And while the survey is a necessary component of long-term care, it can be extremely overwhelming and stressful to a provider. By introducing clients to Providigm solutions, Ellen loves being able to lift that weight off of their shoulders.

From the beginning, Ellen saw that by creating a tool to help providers comply with regulations, residents would ultimately receive better care. Her understanding and passion for Providigm’s vision has been integral to driving the company’s transformation to serving a wider range of health care providers.

Michael Lin, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer
As a public health professional, I like working for a company that is committed to helping health care providers identify problems before they cause harm. I subscribe to the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read More

Dr. Michael Lin developed an interest in the quality of care while earning a Masters degree in Health Policy & Administration at the University of North Carolina. Soon after joining a study of board and care homes in North Carolina, he became passionate about ensuring a high quality of life for the elderly through objective research. While seeking an opportunity to become involved in health care policy research and development, Michael joined Providigm’s founder, Dr. Andrew Kramer, at the University of Colorado’s Center on Aging Research group in 1997. Recognizing the importance of changing provider norms and regulations related to care for the elderly, he participated in evaluations of the multi-stage quality assessment system. After four years with the Center on Aging, Michael attended the University of California-Berkeley to study health care organizations, focusing on the design, financing, and effectiveness of systems of care. Upon receiving his Doctorate in Health Services and Policy Analysis, Lin joined the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, and conducted research and taught graduate students in the Department of Health Policy & Management. His research projects included health information technology implementation in nursing homes, market dynamics between nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and organizational culture in nursing homes.


Cindy Mason

Vice President of Provider Services
I saw the potential impact the company could have on both residents and providers by leading the way to a new era of quality and service, and I promptly announced that I wanted to be their first customer.   Read More

With more than 30 years of experience as a long-term care consultant, staff educator and national speaker, Cindy is ideally suited to assist providers in assessing and refining systems for care improvement and survey success. From the moment Cindy learned of QIS, she saw how it could impact long-term care in a revolutionary way. It perfectly fit her professional mission of helping providers organize their workloads and improve the quality of life for long-term care residents.

After seeing a demonstration by Peter Kramer, Cindy realized Providigm would be a game changer. Cindy learned quickly and soon became an executive at Providigm as head of our education and provider services. She now applies her experience toward helping providers make sense of the QIS process and to teaching methods of improving the care they provide by focusing on residents. She works with state associations and private organizations across the nation to deliver education and training to provider groups of all sizes.


Ian Schreuder

Chief Technology Officer
I consider myself lucky to have found a company that values research and science in the development of their product.  Read More

Ian brings a mastery of science and technology to the Providigm team. He has worked internationally in theoretical research, information systems and data analysis. A leader in emerging computer technologies, Ian has helped propel a number of startup companies to success. He earned an MS in physics from CU-Boulder but forswore the glamour of mathematical treatises for the joy of solving the pressing problems of our care providers.

Since joining Providigm, Ian has confronted a mountain of health care data–-a daunting challenge for any analyst. By creatively applying his expertise in data science he has mined a wealth of information. Through his efforts, Providigm is helping clients identify areas of greatest risk so they can cut costs and provide residents with a higher quality of care and life.

Ian’s commitment to Providigm reaches beyond science and technology. From years spent as an accomplished soccer player where teams must flow as one, he is convinced that an organization can only thrive when its members are unified, at work and at play. “Providigm has worked hard to maintain a culture of relaxed talent from the very beginning. Our staff members are exceptionally talented and experienced, but we also enjoy working with each other and believe in the value of our product.”