Peter J. Kramer

President and COO

When you start a business, you gather a group of people around a vision, and you try to breathe life into it. It’s not easy and not for the faint of heart.

Peter credits being an entrepreneur most of his professional life to his fascination with creating something of value where nothing existed before. Having owned three businesses and also having worked for others in big pharma, investment banking, manufacturing and printing, he learned from every situation.

On a daily basis at Providigm, Peter draws upon his 20+ years of experience as a business owner and as a senior‐level executive in medical manufacturing and health information technology with specific expertise in quality management systems. A few of the business lessons he has learned are applied at Providigm every day:

  • It’s all about the people who make up your team.
  • Things never work out exactly the way you think they will, but they do work out.
  • All those adages about perseverance are true.
  • You can be both humble and self-confident at the same time; arrogance does not work very well.
  • Constant innovation keeps you one step ahead of your competition.
  • He’s always had a business partner, but never one like his brother.

Peter is proud that Providigm has assembled a team of senior management who share the same vision as he and his brother, Andy. While a challenge, Peter professes that maintaining the ideology of the company’s culture is a key to the company’s success. Everyone respects one another and all gain the same satisfaction from helping health care providers improve quality of care and life for their patients and residents. The management’s self-motivation and desire to excel permeates the entire organization.

As president, chief operating officer, and a founder of Providigm, LLC, Peter Kramer directs the growth of the company’s business operations and software application development. He feels a tremendous level of satisfaction knowing that the result of the company’s hard work ultimately helps make life better for people in difficult situations that are in need of good health care.