When used as a continuous quality improvement tool, abaqis® is an excellent predictor of survey outcome and satisfaction with care and services delivered.

Carmen Shell Vice President of Clinical Services
Joseph L Morse Geriatric Center

A desire to be prepared is what led Carmen Shell to take a look at the abaqis® Quality Management System as a survey readiness tool. In 2008, with Florida about to become a Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) state, Carmen took the initiative and went through our QIS intensive training course. By her own admission, she went into it skeptical about the new survey process, but once we trained her on it, she thought, “finally a strong structure to the survey and a logical means of looking at compliance.” She immediately signed on and her facility began using abaqis even before they had their first QIS survey.

This same proactive nature is the reason her facility, the Joseph L Morse Geriatric Center on the MorseLife Campus, has seen such phenomenal results. “Last year we had one deficiency among 280 beds of skilled and long-term care.” Carmen recalled. “Those are remarkable results for a building our size. You look at the average number of deficiencies in our area, and other centers received upwards of 21 citations.”

She directly attributes their survey success to their use of abaqis throughout the year. For example, they run the Admission Sample Record Review on every discharged patient, which lets them continuously look for patterns and trends. “Whether it’s weight loss, benzodiazepines or returns to hospitals,” as Carmen puts it, “it’s all there.” Just by asking the interview questions, her staff knows how residents and families feel about their care and can immediately address issues that would otherwise come out in the interview process with the surveyors.

The first survey the facility went through after having used abaqis throughout the year helped Carmen and her staff members see the value of abaqis beyond just survey readiness. Since then, we have worked closely with Carmen and the Morse Geriatric Center to fine-tune the way they use abaqis both in their survey readiness process and for continuous quality monitoring.  According to Carmen, “You know exactly what your residents are thinking and what they are going to tell the surveyors.” Their results speak for themselves.