We are about translating science and research into useable software products that help providers improve quality.

Peter Kramer President and COO
Providigm, LLC.

Providigm was born out of a vision for a unified definition of quality in long-term care that everyone could agree on and that everyone measures in the same way. At its inception, the company was an extension of Dr. Andrew Kramer’s academic research and health policy work designing the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) for nursing homes. With the beginning of the national implementation of QIS came demands for rigorous training of state survey agencies, and tools and education for the provider community. Dr. Kramer, along with his brother Peter, created a company to meet those demands. Their company, Nursing Home Quality (NHQ), was selected as the training contractor for state agencies in the national rollout of QIS. NHQ also created a software solution called abaqis® that nursing homes could utilize for survey readiness.

Once providers started using abaqis, they realized it contained useful metrics for improving quality in a variety of ways beyond just regulatory compliance. They began to use it for quality assurance and incorporated it into their existing Quality Assessment & Assurance programs. They also applied the feedback abaqis provided from residents and families for customer satisfaction measurement and improvement efforts. NHQ’s customers quickly expanded their focus from simple survey readiness to overall quality improvement. Based on this success and Dr. Kramer’s body of work in related health care research, NHQ recognized an opportunity to expand the company’s focus and deliver quality management solutions to providers in other health care settings. They also recognized the need for a company name that reflected this broader focus, so, in 2011, NHQ became Providigm.

“As health care moves toward being more continuous across settings, with emphasis on patient-centered care, quality measurement and performance improvement,” asserts Peter, “the Providigm name will reflect our transition to creating both software tools and education programs for providers in many health care settings—such as acute care, rehab care, home health care and primary care—that will help them improve quality in a similar way as we’ve been able to do in skilled nursing with abaqis.”