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Embracing Quality Award winners!

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Providigm QAPI Accreditations 2017

Note: As we revise accreditation standards to best reflect current QAPI regulations, the Corrective Standard will temporarily
hold the achievement of Basic standards as sufficient for both Basic and Advanced Accreditation status for this standard.

2016 Embracing Quality Award winners

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“Improving care in nursing homes has been what my nursing career has been about. That’s why I’m so excited about these programs. They’re a way for nursing homes to be more than compliant with just the basic regulatory standards. They are a way for nursing homes to improve their care, their outcomes and receive recognition.” — Barbara Baylis, SavaSeniorCare


Relationship Between abaqis Use and Both Survey Performance and Occupancy
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QAPI Accreditation: Impact on Survey Performance and Occupancy
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