Customer satisfaction reflects all the dimensions of the care you deliver, which is why it’s so important to be able to measure what your residents or patients, and their family members, are thinking. Providigm offers customer satisfaction results derived from the same information collected in our quality assurance tools, which saves you the time and expense of collecting satisfaction data separately. While our abaqis Quality Management System has already been approved as a customer satisfaction tool for use by one state, we are also moving ahead with development of a dedicated customer satisfaction reporting and benchmarking module.

Two unique features of this customer satisfaction module will give you a distinct advantage. First, since information is collected on a regular basis, you’ll have continuous satisfaction measures that can be constantly monitored and reviewed at any time. Second, because of the way satisfaction data is reported, you can easily identify areas of concern and use root cause analysis to help you correct them.

Results will be reported in traditional customer satisfaction domains that will allow you to quickly identify areas for improvement. In addition, thousands of assessments containing customer satisfaction information are being added to Providigm’s national database every month, allowing our system to apply the proper scientific analysis for benchmarking comparisons with your peers.