abaqis provides the national standard in risk-adjusted readmission rates based on Providigm’s federally funded research; the only government published research on hospital readmissions from SNF. The abaqis Readmission Tracker uses key information specific to each provider’s partners that goes beyond the MDS 3.0. Users can generate reports by hospital from which SNF patients were admitted in order to present to hospitals, and also by payer in order to demonstrate results to payer organizations.

Proven Methods

abaqis Quality Management System, designed for nursing homes, calculates both a raw rate of readmission to hospital within 30 days, as well as a risk-adjusted rate that takes case-mix into account. The current risk-adjustment method used in abaqis is based on the methods Providigm used to calculate rates for the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) in their 2013 report. The primary role of MedPAC is to advise the US Congress and CMS on issues affecting the administration of the Medicare program.

Meaningful Results

Additionally, the abaqis Readmission Tracker includes unique root cause analysis for each readmission so that increased risk of readmission can be identified by shift, days of the week, or even by specific physicians or diagnoses. Thus, abaqis produces not only the most credible and scientifically rigorous rates of readmission, but it offers all users the ability to easily understand their areas of greatest risk for readmission at their fingertips.