Regulatory compliance is an aspect of healthcare that demands constant vigilance. Even though oversight is often conducted with periodic surveys, the requirement to maintain compliance is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Providigm, our abaqis Quality Management System can, on a daily basis, inform you whether or not you face the risk of being out of compliance. Our solutions go even further to prioritize those risks, so valuable resources can be directed at your most important compliance areas. By helping you focus on your top priorities, we give you more time to spend on providing quality care.

Implementing abaqis also gives you the ability to efficiently monitor compliance on a daily basis. A small amount of daily assessment effort yields real-time reporting that focuses on the “where and why” of areas needing attention. By addressing potential risk areas as they arise, you can achieve a constant state of survey readiness. Imagine the comfort of knowing that you are ready to demonstrate compliance at any time.

Our solutions don’t end with software, either. Our education and training programs complement our software by helping you understand the complexities of the regulatory environment in a practical and manageable way. Our instructors are experts in health care and compliance. They teach with a personal understanding of your challenges and share your commitment to improving the quality of care for your residents and patients.