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Ian Schreuder

Chief Technology Officer

Ian brings a mastery of science and technology to the Providigm team. He has worked internationally in theoretical research, information systems and data analysis. A leader in emerging computer technologies, Ian has helped propel a number of startup companies to success. He earned an MS in physics from CU-Boulder but forswore the glamour of mathematical treatises for the joy of solving the pressing problems of our care providers.

Since joining Providigm, Ian has confronted a mountain of health care data–-a daunting challenge for any analyst. By creatively applying his expertise in data science he has mined a wealth of information. Through his efforts, Providigm is helping clients identify areas of greatest risk so they can cut costs and provide residents with a higher quality of care and life.

Ian’s commitment to Providigm reaches beyond science and technology. From years spent as an accomplished soccer player where teams must flow as one, he is convinced that an organization can only thrive when its members are unified, at work and at play. “Providigm has worked hard to maintain a culture of relaxed talent from the very beginning. Our staff members are exceptionally talented and experienced, but we also enjoy working with each other and believe in the value of our product.”

HealthStream Brands