Michael Lin, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Michael Lin developed an interest in the quality of care while earning a Masters degree in Health Policy & Administration at the University of North Carolina. Soon after joining a study of board and care homes in North Carolina, he became passionate about ensuring a high quality of life for the elderly through objective research. While seeking an opportunity to become involved in health care policy research and development, Michael joined Providigm’s founder, Dr. Andrew Kramer, at the University of Colorado’s Center on Aging Research group in 1997. Recognizing the importance of changing provider norms and regulations related to care for the elderly, he participated in evaluations of the multi-stage quality assessment system. After four years with the Center on Aging, Michael attended the University of California-Berkeley to study health care organizations, focusing on the design, financing, and effectiveness of systems of care. Upon receiving his Doctorate in Health Services and Policy Analysis, Lin joined the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, and conducted research and taught graduate students in the Department of Health Policy & Management. His research projects included health information technology implementation in nursing homes, market dynamics between nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and organizational culture in nursing homes.